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Pediatric Chiropractic in Franklin

Parents in our community are increasingly seeking out natural, noninvasive means to address their children’s health issues. We see many kids in our office and enjoy providing drug-free care to all ages.

Crankiness and Sleeping Problems

Many of Dr. Cutsinger’s pediatric patients have had some type of injury and just haven’t seemed like themselves since. One little girl fell off the bed and hit her head. Since that time, she was cranky and unable to sleep normally. We welcome kids who aren’t sleeping as they should, aren’t going to the bathroom or eating like they used to. It may be a sign that they need a chiropractic checkup.

Colicky Babies

One of Dr. Cutsinger’s youngest patients was a baby who was just a few weeks old. As the infant was unhappy and crying nonstop for weeks, the parents were kept up all night. The baby was colicky with little to no appetite and simply not a happy camper. The household was in turmoil, and nothing was helping.

The mom was a patient of Dr. Cutsinger’s and brought the baby in to see if anything could be done. After the second adjustment, the child was back to normal and was sleeping, eating, happy and smiling without fuss. It was a remarkable turnaround-the kind we feel fortunate to see on a regular basis!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a newborn see a chiropractor?

Even in a normal, uncomplicated birth, 90 pounds of pressure is placed on the neck of the infant. Their neck muscles aren’t developed enough to hold up their head, let alone withstand these types of forces. Dr. Cutsinger can check their body to make sure it’s working as it should with no problems present.

What is a visit to the chiropractor like for a baby?

The examination and adjustment of a baby are much different than that of adults. Parents take an active part in this process and will be fully informed of Dr. Cutsinger’s findings and what they can expect during the adjustment.

How do you adjust a baby or child?

We use the Activator® instrument to adjust babies and children. We’ll start slowly and make sure that we gain their trust before beginning.

I’m worried that my baby should be walking by now. Can you help?

We’ll evaluate your baby’s health to make sure that they’re developing as they should be. Most of the time, they just need to be allowed to hit their milestones at their own pace. You may have friends whose child of a similar age is reaching milestones that your child hasn’t yet.

It can be a positive thing that your child is still crawling. They should crawl for at least six months to ensure proper hand-eye coordination and brain development. You shouldn’t ever worry about rushing them. Dr. Cutsinger will be happy to discuss this with you and give you his best advice based on his years of experience and training.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment Today

Let us evaluate your baby or child and make sure that they have the best possible health. Contact us today to book an appointment with our pediatric chiropractor Franklin! We accept insurance and have same-day visits available.


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