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Allergy Relief Made Possible With Chiropractic

back adjustmentAllergy season is truly the worst for those who suffer. Each time you are outside during the spring, summer, and fall or find yourself near pets, if that’s your trigger, it’s a marathon of itchy and watering eyes, constant sneezing and running noses, drainage into the throat, headaches, and coughing.

While many of us are sent running to the over-the-counter relief aisles of our local pharmacy and become dependent on allergy medications to get us through a good portion of the year, there are more holistic approaches you can try to help alleviate your allergy symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments at Cutsinger Chiropractic are a natural way to stabilize and improve our body’s autonomic nervous system and immune system responses to allergens in the air.

How Chiropractic Helps

Whenever there is nerve disturbance in our upper cervical area, in terms of a misalignment, our bodies overreact to those allergens, and in turn, we have the symptoms of sneezing and other respiratory system dysfunction.

If the nerves are irritated by spinal misalignment, that irritation makes the nervous system almost hyperactive. When your nervous system is in a state of constant irritation, it fosters overreactions in the form of incessant symptoms like you experience by way of sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, and the like.

Our highly skilled chiropractor, Dr. Rick Cutsinger, will confirm by X-ray that this is the area that needs an adjustment, and then proceed by helping relieve the pressure on that part of the nervous system with various targeted chiropractic techniques. It settles down our body’s reaction and improves the communication signals flowing freely now between the body and the brain.

A Chiropractor Who Understands Allergies

Dr. Cutsinger knows what it feels like to endure years of allergies. Having red, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, and nonstop sneezing episodes kept him from enjoying his childhood. He’d interrupt class with his sneezes, which came 20 to 30 in a row. He was even told sinus surgery was necessary and faced ridicule from classmates.

During a family vacation, his experience was the last straw. He had swollen eyes for three days straight, and his family had to cut the vacation short. Fortunately, his father had a friend who encouraged a visit to the chiropractor, which changed Dr. Cutsinger’s life.

A Partner in Care You Can Trust

Don’t let the struggles of allergies continue one more day. They’re affecting your quality of life, and you deserve better. Contact us to schedule an appointment in Franklin to see how we can help you alleviate your symptoms through our targeted chiropractic adjustments.

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