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Meet Dr. Rick Cutsinger

An Unusual Introduction to Chiropractic

Chiropractor Franklin, Rick CutsingerOver his years in practice, Dr. Cutsinger, chiropractor Franklin, has had the privilege of helping thousands of patients regain their health. His path to chiropractic started out, surprisingly, with sneezing.

Diagnosed with hay fever by the medical community, Dr. Cutsinger was plagued with itchy, red eyes, difficulty breathing, nonstop sneezing and a generally miserable condition until age 10. The doctors told him to live with it and take medication, which wasn’t much of an answer for a kid who was ridiculed by his classmates for his problems. He often disrupted class by sneezing 20-30 times in a row.

A Family Tradition

At age 10 on a family vacation, Dr. Cutsinger’s eyes were swollen shut for three days. His family cut their vacation short to take him to the chiropractor at the urging of a family friend. “The chiropractor changed my life. I wasn’t being teased, and he helped my sinus condition. The result led my dad to become a chiropractor, and ultimately, myself.” Dr. Cutsinger even has a second cousin who became a chiropractor largely thanks to his positive experience.

His successful chiropractic experience led his entire family to see a chiropractor regularly. Though he started out in the furniture industry, Dr. Cutsinger was soon led back to chiropractic. He attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, just like his father did.

A Historically Proven Approach to Care

Today, one of the main techniques Dr. Cutsinger uses for his patients is the one that made such a dramatic impact on his life as a young child — Toggle Recoil. ‘’My chiropractor was always going from room to room, laughing and giving his patients a positive experience. I always felt better after my adjustments.” He brings the same enjoyable, results-driven experience to our patients at Cutsinger Chiropractic.

One of his mentors was a chiropractor in Tennessee who went to school when BJ Palmer, the son of the creator of chiropractic, was still teaching at Palmer. From this mentor, Dr. Cutsinger learned a scientific method to approaching adjustments by using spinal biomechanics. Instead of only addressing your areas of pain, we determine where the source of the problem is located to correct the cause.

A Busy Life in Franklin

Though Dr. Cutsinger and his wife, Vicki used to ride Harleys, they have stayed occupied with Cutsinger Chiropractic for the last several years. You’ll meet Vicki at the front desk or speak with her over the phone when you call. Together, they have one daughter, Heather, two granddaughters, and two great-grandchildren.

Dr. Cutsinger is a member of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association, past President of the Middle Tennessee Chiropractic Association and former president of the Franklin Civitan.

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