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New Patients

Vicki Cutsinger ready to assist - chiropractor Franklin Cutsinger Chiropractic in Franklin is a newly built facility that was custom made to accommodate our patients’ needs. It’s a modern, beautifully designed 1700-square-foot space. When you walk in, you’ll feel warmly welcomed by Vicki, a lifelong chiropractic patient, and our office manager. She’s also the person you’ll speak with when you call.

The paperwork we’ll need you to fill out can be downloaded from our website and brought in with you completed to save time.

Your First Visit

We’ll have one short form for you to complete for insurance purposes, in case we’re billing for any coverage you have. It takes just a moment, and then Dr. Cutsinger’s assistant will bring you to a private room to take your vital signs. Then, you’ll meet Dr. Cutsinger for a consultation. He’ll find out what’s brought you in and what we can help you with.

Dr. Cutsinger will then perform a full examination with our assistant recording your results. A foot scan will be completed if we think your problems may be related to your feet. If they are, we can use these scans to stabilize your body. You’ll receive a copy of the scan results.

If X-rays are needed, we can take them on-site. You’ll receive an adjustment if you’re in acute pain. Otherwise, we’ll take some time to analyze your results and schedule you back for a follow-up visit. You may be sent home with care instructions, such as heat or ice packs. Please plan on spending about 45-60 minutes with us for this appointment.
If our thorough examination process shows us that you may not benefit from chiropractic care, we’ll inform you immediately and refer you to an appropriate practitioner.

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The Report of Findings

When you return, Dr. Cutsinger will sit down with you to go over your X-rays and examination findings. You’ll receive a copy of this report in a folder. We welcome you to ask any question you have, then lay out a plan that will

  • Get you out of pain
  • Stabilize your health

This appointment takes about 20 minutes.

Insurance is accepted, and payment plans options are available. Contact us today to find out how we may be able to help you! Free parking is available in our lot.

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