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There is certainly a lot in the news these days about the coronavirus. It seems like every year it is something and usually it is related to the flu and how there are vaccines although not the same “strain”. Every year strains of the flu mutate. That’s why the strain used for vaccines are never the same. I suppose they will develop a vaccine for the coronavirus that will be used to get our bodies to make antibodies to “fight” it. Did you know our bodies are designed to do that anyway. The detection of any foreign substance in our body is identified and antibodies are made to fight it. Problem with vaccines is there are always side effects to medications of all kinds. Some of them even cause more of the symptoms they are designed to eliminate. If you listen carefully to the commercials some side effects are fatal, that’s pretty risky to me! Our bodies are made to be self regulating and to survive and adapt.

The most recent research revealed that misalignment’s in the spine interfere with your body talking to your brain and vice versa, Chiropractic Adjustments change that! Adjustments restore normal function to the spine which restores normal communication between our body and our brain allowing our body to adapt accordingly. We see this all the time and I can refer you to a case in point. A 7 year study of patients by a medical doctor and a chiropractic doctor revealed that patients under chiropractic care had 60% less hospital admissions, 59% less days in the hospital, 62% less out patient surgery and 85% less medications.

Closer to home a patient last week suffering from cold and flu symptoms for two weeks with no change after 2 rounds of prescribed medications and a variety of over the counter medications all to no avail. One adjustment and 2 days later the patient was 80% better. That is the power of an adjustment. Safe and effective. No side effects. That’s protection. Have you had an adjustment lately?


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