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COVID Whats The Deal?

We are now about 5 months in to the invisible enemy known as COVID-19. It was March 17th when the “Shut Down” first began. After that everything we knew as normal disappeared. The streets became empty, stores that were once open 7 days a week were closed. It seemed everyone was all of a sudden gone. It seemed like the old days when everything was closed on Sunday for those of you who remember that. There were “runs” on certain items like anything of a disinfectant nature. Those who were able to “get” it  stored and horded so as not to run out of any kind of COVID KILLER that there was. And of course in short order all the stores ran out. Then  there is “THE MASK” oh man and  SOCIAL DISTANCE. The mask bit is inconsistent  I mean adults are to wear it and kids under a certain age don’t have to, but kids get COVID too and some of them have died as well. A patient is 90 years old with respiratory issues and heart issues and contracts “the virus” and later dies they mark it as a covid death and we now know that is somewhat of a financial issue. All of this smacks of  Big Brother. Ever read George Orwell’s 1984? I’M just thinking and I’m just saying. You know in kindergarten you have kids playing and by the end of the day all the kids have touched the same things maybe shared things. Say one of the kids “catch something” ? Other kids then get sick but not all of them. Why? Because some of the kids have better resistance, not as susceptable to catching things. It is more important now than ever before to be proactive in maintaining good health but also improve your health, make it BETTER ! Chiropractic is cutting edge in that department.Chiropractic is comprehensive and whole body by nature. Remember these facts: nervous system compromise can cause ill health. Doctors cannot heal, only your body can do that. The best doctors remove barriers to your healing ability. That is the purpose and power of chiropractic care. Think about it. Have you been checked lately, your family?

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