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Events at Cutsinger Chiropractic

Posture Month Event

FREE Posture Evaluation

Posture month is an annual reminder to find out how your posture has changed over the last year.
Posture related back pain problems are the number three reason for all doctor visits in the US.


5 posture principles:

  1. motion
  2. balance
  3. patterns
  4. compensation
  5. adaptation

Posture Ace:

  1. awareness
  2. control
  3. environment

*Your posture is either strong or weak (not good or bad)

Test Your Balance: Balance Test

stacked-stones-sq-3001 ) Stand up straight, lift left leg and count to 30.

2) Stop the first time you have to put your foot down. Don’t cheat.

3) Repeat with right leg. Can’t ?………………….WEAK    POSTURE 

Here’s Why:

If you can’t  balance each leg for 30 seconds or you flail your arms to keep from falling then your balance core strength is weak. Weak balance leads to back pain, neck pain, joint stress and poor posture. As people spend more time sitting slumped over a computer or mobile device poor posture is becoming an epidemic. Studies confirm posture has a huge effect on neck and back pain , your appearance, attitude and your over all health.

In conjunction with National Posture  Month  we are offering a 3 Part Posture Assessment for established patients who have not been in for three months or more and for first time patients

Established Patients / First Time Patients

1) History/Exam

2) Computer Scan For Posture

3) X-ray Evaluation

Our goal is to evaluate your posture as it relates to your over all health. This is FREE for the month of May only.

Time and space is limited so please call for your appointment
(615) 778-4552