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Gait Cycle & The Nervous System

The gait cycle refers to the way we are walking and the way our feet strike the ground. There are 3 phases to the gait cycle and they are:

1) Heel Strike
2) Mid Stance
3) Toe Off

There are approximately 7,ooo nerve endings  in our feet and they are incredibly sensitive to touch, pressure, temperature and pain. There are more nerve endings in each foot per square centimeter than any other part of our body! The dynamic movement of our feet feeds proprioceptive information to the brain which is important for normal motor control response that affect gait, posture and balance.

Excessive pronation of our feet affects the proprioceptive input to the brain and this leads to postural distortions that result in knee pain, hip pain, low back pain and even neck pain.

Further more, abnormal movement of our feet and improper absorption of shock from foot strike causes, abnormal weight bearing, joint inflammation, tissue damage and ultimately injury and degeneration. So is foot pronation affecting your spine and nervous system?  Do you have weak knees, hip pain or balance problems?

We have recently added some new computer technology that includes a 3D scanner to determine if you have excessive foot pronation. This same technology allows for specific, proper orthotic spinal pelvic stabilization design for your specific needs. Such as absorbing heel strike shock, provide flexibility and propulsive boost to the toe off phase of the gait cycle. This provides a balanced foundation that protects and supports your whole body especially your spine through all phases of the gait cycle. This allows your nervous system to engage in the complexities of movement, balancecoordination and strength.

We have this technology to improve our ability to provide cutting edge health care options that allow for additional benefits. For more information call our office at 615-778-4552.

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