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Health Care 2020............What is It?

woman happ arms stretchDear Patients and Friends,

First of all, we wish everyone a Happy New Year. As we begin this new decade we celebrate this our 35th Anniversary. We would like to extend our sincere Thanks to all who allowed our family to be a part of your family’s health care. I want you to know that chiropractic is health care.

When you get a chiropractic adjustment it removes interference from your brain talking to your body and your body talking to your brain. If your brain knows what is going on it can better determine what to do, what course to take. If your brain does not get all the information then it can not conduct the business of your body accurately. Mistakes will be made and ill health ensues.

Vertebral Subluxation is that condition whereby the spinal segments in your spine, that is the vertebra, are not moving and functioning properly. You might say they are stuck or locked up. This is what stops the flow of information. This prevents your brain from hearing from your body and your body from hearing from your brain. This results in painful conditions like neck and back pain. This results in conditions such as was mine a severe sinus condition, might be why you can’t digest your food or sleep at night. Everybody reacts in their own way when communication is lost. Chiropractic Adjustments address this condition.

Chiropractic adjustments put motion back into your spine and therefore the essential flow of information necessary to maintain good health. According to the research, only a chiropractic adjustment will do this correctly. Adjustments by someone other than a chiropractor do not have the same result. A Chiropractic Adjustment actually changes the brain’s electrical patterns that you can see on electrodiagnostic equipment. That’s health care. The care that maintains health, protects it. The research also indicates and suggests the best level of care is on a monthly basis.

So again Thanks for the Years. We will continue to provide the real thing called a Chiropractic Adjustment.

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