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A lot is said about healthcare. When we get sick we go to the doctor , we fall and break a bone we go to ER and get it “set” and that is appropriate.   But that is not health care.   That is emergency types of care and at times we certainly need that. Health care is more like “self” care. How do you take care of yourself?    Examples of self care include: eating nutritious food, fruits and veggies especially ( all sugar is bad for us ) meats should be small portions and lean. Fish is better but choose wisely. Exercise and sleep/rest. and vitamin supplements. It is hard to eat and get everything that is necessary so supplements are beneficial. I know this all seems common sense and to some degree it is but the difficult thing to do is to do it. To also do it consistently. By doing these things you keep your body running at its best. But wait there is one more thing you can do to keep your body healthy. Take care of your nervous system, get adjusted on a regular basis. When you get adjusted two things happen. 1} Stuck joints become mobile reducing the irritation to the pain receptors that the joints are loaded with. { pain relief} 2} Reduces irritation to the nervous system. {improved function and control of the bodies systems}  If you looked in Gray’s Anatomy under nervous system it says the nervous system is the controlling entity of the body. Do you want the control system of the body interfered with, chocked off unable to work? Do you want your immune system not to work,  your natural defenses weak? Then get adjusted on a regular basis, not just for pain relief. Keep your body strong working at it’s best. That’s true HEALTH CARE.

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