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Just An Adjustment ?

I would like to share some of the latest research on chiropractic care and what happens when you get an adjustment. This research was done by some of the top researchers in the world. Except for one none of the researchers were chiropractors. One of them is a chiropractor who is also a researcher. They had a variety of groups of people and they all were hooked up electrically to monitor brain wave activity and brain function. Some groups got shame adjustments, some groups got nothing, still other groups got manipulations by non chiropractors and then finally groups got adjustments by chiropractors. So what they found out was quite interesting. Only the group that received chiropractic adjustments by chiropractors did anything change. The group that received chiropractic adjustments all demonstrated improved brain activity, improved nervous system function. Knowing the nervous system is responsible for literally running our body, determining what every organ does or does not do, even down to the cellular level I am going to say that is a big deal. Funny thing about it is that one group which received nothing but a make believe adjustment or a sham adjustment essentially no treatment what ever….60% of those folks got better. Go figure.  More research findings include the fact that one chiropractic adjustment improved muscle strength by 16%. they even tested it on groups of athletes that trained on a very regular basis had the same results. All groups trained regularly as usual some were even olympic hopefuls and competitors. One group got a course of chiropractic care over a six week period. Everything else was the same across the board. The group that received adjustments showed the same results, again 16% improved performance with the group that got chiropractic adjustments. Another study with a Chicago hospital showed chiropractic adjustments improved blood pressure findings in hypertensive patients. So let me ask could you use 16% increased muscle strength? If you could do something to regulate your BP that did not include medications with multiple side effects is that something that you might be interested in? When was the last time you were adjusted? If you would like more info on chiropractic just visit our web site. If you would like to make an appointment just phone the office and we will be glad to help…………..

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