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Specific Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractor adjusting an older manWe see a lot of folks come through the practice and some have had chiropractic care and some have not. It is always a surprise when I see a patient who has had chiropractic care before and I evaluate,  take x-rays and then adjust the patient and then the patient asks me what I did. Come to find out what they got before was not an adjustment. They got a brief rub and dub and maybe some electrical stimulation or ultrasound but nothing that resembles an adjustment to reduce what we call a subluxation.

subluxation is a misaligned vertebra that puts pressure and irritation on the nervous system. This is like a short circuit in our electrical system. A chiropractic adjustment is the only means I know of to reduce subluxation. A hands-on chiropractic adjustment to reduce the misalignment, restore normal range of motion and most importantly remove interference from your nervous system so your body can function normally and heal itself when necessary with no drugs, no surgery, no kidding. 

Research has shown that a chiropractic adjustment can improve muscle strength and athletic performance by 16%. A research project by Palmer College and a Chicago hospital showed that chiropractic adjustments lowered blood pressure in hypertensive patients but also improved patients with exceedingly low blood pressure. Helped bring it back to normal.

Some of the same benefits were demonstrated when people who have had a stroke got adjusted. After these patients had gone through physical therapy and gotten as good as they were going to be the adjustment improved their strength by 16%.

If a chiropractic adjustment can help people to that degree do you think it might help you regain your health? Do you think that by releasing the pressure on your nervous system so that your body can function at it’s absolute best would be something that would interest you?

If you have never experienced a “real” chiropractic adjustment you might want to check it out. Sometimes life needs adjusted, no drugs, no surgery no kidding. For more information call our office or visit our website.

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