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Subluxation: What is It?


sine modelThere is a word that has stirred controversy for 127years. As long as chiropractic is old. No one seems to know what it is, certainly medical doctors don’t know what it is or understand the significance of it. Heck some chiropractors apparently don’t know what it is, based on the way they practice. So lets clarify first of all what a subluxation is.

A subluxation is a misaligned  vertebra in the spine that causes irritation or pressure on the nervous system.

If this subluxation is allowed to go un-corrected it will degenerate and become arthritic, it makes the disc predisposingly weak and results in disc degeneration or a bulge or a rupture. If you let it go  long enough and it gets bad enough, then you might get to have surgery. Hoorah! When these spinal bones misalign the joints get stuck, that is they get locked up. This makes the bones weak. They begin to literally break down and degenerate and this causes a response in the body where by calcium is sent to the area and collects on the muscles bones and ligaments and bone spurs develop.

This is called arthritis. Yes that is arthritis.

The more of this we find the longer it has been going on. Regardless of when the pain started. When the spinal bones misalign they affect the disc and makes it weak and disc degeneration begins. As mentioned above these misalignments irritate the nervous system and interferes with the function of the nerves. This will affect how your entire body functions. It will reduce your bodies ability to function correctly and reduce it’s ability to recoup recover and repair. So chiropractic is truly health care, that is keeping your health at it’s best. It helps when you are sick or in pain, but more importantly it is HEALTH CARE.

I hope this sheds some light on subluxation and chiropractic. If you see a chiropractor and not getting adjusted, you are not getting the real thing. Physical therapy is not chiropractic. And that’s ok it’s physical therapy and there is certainly a time and place for that. Same with nutrition, it is well and good but it does not replace the adjustment in my view. I hope this adds to understanding what a subluxation is and what chiropractors do.

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