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The Big Idea

The Big Idea, boy does that bring back memories. When I attended chiropractic college back in the day that was one of the “mantras”. It referred to understanding chiropractic on a simple one line basis. Get the big idea and all else will follow. It was easy, to the point and it fit. Back then a lot of us were going to school to be a chiropractor because we had a positive experience with chiropractic. With me it was chiropractic care that essentially allowed my body to function with out all the sinus complications I lived with. With others it was sports injuries or work injuries that chiropractic helped with. Any way you look at it we knew chiropractic adjustments helped our bodies heal in a way nothing else could. It was different. Drugs and often times surgery just was no longer necessary. Get the ” Big Idea ” and all else follows. That’s what helped us get through school, it kept us going.  When we graduated we were ready to help the world heal through chiropractic. Some things changes with time and some things don’t. If it is true,  it is true then, it is true now and tomorrow it will still be true. Chiropractic adjustments helps the body function, repair, recoup and recover. Adjustments help you move better, removes nerve interference and allows the body to express it’s full potential. Helps the body heal faster and more completely. Chiropractic adjustments puts nothing in or takes anything out. It simply allows the body to work at 100 %. If this is something you might be interested in, think about trying chiropractic. New patients fill out a complete history, consult with the doctor after which a physical and chiropractic examination is done to determine the extent of the problem, followed by x-ray studies so that we can see what the problem is. We report the findings to each patient  and provide a specific care plan for  each patient. Every patient is different, so every care plan is different. Chiropractic has been “working” since 1985. If you want it to work for you then give us a call at 615-778-4552 make your appointment with Vicki and we will see you then.

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