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The Virus

As I listen to the news I see that the “cases” are on the rise once again. Sometimes I  hear it is the highly contagious delta variant and some times it is simply the corona virus or for our purposes ” the virus”.  The virus has created now ” vaxxers ” and  ” anti-vaxxers “ and if I may say ” maskers ” and ” anti-maskers ” and yep I said that. There are these distinctions sometimes with in the same families creating divides and stresses not seen since civil war days, brother against brother and all.

As a healthcare provider I am exposed to information from a variety of sources. I have seen and heard things from the virus being created in the U.S. until hazard regulations  were crossed resulting in its move to China where there are less stringent laws to recordings of Dr. Fauci  in 2016 talking about the pandemic that he thinks one day will happen. What did he know then that we did not. So now there is talk about a “booster” shot a third shot especially for those with pre-existing health conditions or compromised immune system. They are also pushing for kids to get the shot. Furthermore I understand there is a significant number of health care professionals who will not and have not recieved the “shot” , they don’t trust it.

I think it is more important now than ever before  to do all you can to protect your health, to build your health and improve it at every opportunity. Exercise, eat right, drink water, get rest and yes get your adjustment! Adjustments enhance the immune system. Adjustments have been shown to improve muscle strength and improve your bodies ability to maintain normal blood pressure. Adjustments are definitely an important part of a total health care regimen in maintaining and improving and  building better heath. You should also know we continue to clean and disinfect after each and every visit. We follow  the various guidelines both regional and nationally.

Lastly we are back to pre-covid hours. Monday and Friday 8 to 5. Tuesday and Thursday 8 to 12 noon and Wednesday 8 to 6.

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