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Thinking Out Loud

woman sitting near windowNow that our president has had the “virus” we know anyone can get it of course we knew that anyway. High risk groups include people 65 and older and folks who are over weight and anybody who is generally not healthy and generally speaking this would include people who do not take care of themselves.

It is interesting to note some facts from the CDC that reporter Britt Hume brought to light on one of the news shows.

If you are 70 and above, it is dangerous to get “it” and the survival rate is 94.6%. All other age groups the survival rate is 99%.

A survey of 50 universities across the country found that after waves of and batteries of tests and lots and lots of cases no one was hospitalized and no one died. There is as he pointed out not a good balance of the risk involved. It has always been on the side of disease.

However, what about the risk associated with the collateral damage? The politicians closed the economy except those businesses that were essential. They closed the schools to protect the kids. As a result some businesses will never reopen again. Kids doing classes on-line are falling behind, the mental stresses for parents and kids are tremendous.

Alcohol sales are up, child abuse and domestic violence is up, more damage is being done and more people dying from the safety protocols than the virus. This opinion is beginning to show up in opinion columns of papers across the country because it is hard to miss and if you look at the facts, in money and lives spent and lost it’s more costly.

So now more than ever it is important to take care of yourself to stay healthy and be at your best. If you want to go with the facts, a good adjunct to rest, exercise, good nutrition and plenty of water is a chiropractic adjustment. It restores communication between brain and body. Your body is at its best when all lines are open.

Adjustments are more than just a way to relieve pain. It is proactive health care. It improves bodily function that’s way more than just pain relief. It’s true health care!

For more information on chiropractic visit our website. For more information on the research aspect of chiropractic visit

In the meantime stay safe. And have you had your adjustment lately?

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