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Why My Dad Became A Chiropractor Part 3

If you have read parts 1 & 2 you know my mom carried me for eleven months. It was 48 hours after my mom’s water broke that I was born. They did not expect me or my mom to survive. I was finally taken by forceps . At birth I weighed under 4 pounds. My left arm was paralyzed. To survive I was ultimately given 3 blood transfusions. A crop duster used his plane to go to a nearby town to get the blood. Since I was under weight a small metal box with a light bulb served as an incubator to keep me warm. Ah yes those were the days. It took a few months for that to resolve. As it turns out I was upside down  in the womb with my arm over my head much like the position many of us sleep in . My mom recovered and I obviously did too. One story I was told while at my grandmothers  in the kitchen in the “incubator” I quit breathing and her Amish house keeper held me upside down and shook me and I started to breath again. I survived again. Eventually these ” episodes” stopped happening and I grew relatively normally. At the age of one my mom and I flew to Germany to live on base with my dad. In those days they allowed smoking on the plane and half way across the ocean someone dropped a cigarette and  “lost” it and there was a brief panic until it was found, another close call. When I was about 3 years old we moved from Illinois to Colorado. The climate is dry and a good place to be if you have sinus trouble like I did. Remember I was delivered with the use of  f0rceps  and according to research this provides 90 pounds 0f stress to the upper cervical spine and our muscles are not yet developed to even hold our heads up. This caused  damage to my nervous system that resulted in a multitude of sinus issues some of which I have already mentioned. This came to a head when I was 10 years old while on a family vacation and for three days in a row I woke with my eyes swollen shut. We had to go back home. Vacation over. That did it. I will finish this on my next blog. Tune in.

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