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Why My Dad Became A Chiropractor

Dr. Rick CutsingerI remember growing up as a kid in Colorado we lived on the ” North Side ” of town as we used to call it. My parents bought their new house on the edge of town in 1962. Looking out our back door past our back yard was the vast prairie, the rolling foot hills then the Rocky Mountains. It was a great time and place to grow up. I was outdoors all the time growing up  however with severe and challenging repurcussi0ns. The more I was out the more sneezing resulted, uncontrollable, itchy eyes at times swelling shut. It was surgery next or  at the insistence of his best friend chiropractic. My parents did not think surgery for a 10 year old was a good next step. But chiropractic?  My dad was extremely skeptical. But the appointment was made.

On the first visit this doctor checked things other doctors did not. In fact other doctors did not examine me. They simply asked a question or two then send me home with another medication to “try”.  The other thing I remember was that when the doctor was taking my x-rays I passed right out. Yep woke up on the floor, my dad and the doctor standing over me asking if I was alright. I stood back up finished the x-rays. to this day that has never happened again. And then finally that first adjustment. Man what a relief. Things popped everywhere, it felt great! For the very first time I could breath through my nose. It was like ma freedom I had never known. My response was so life changing my whole family began chiropractic care.  My dad was so profoundly “moved”  that he decided that was what he wanted to do. He soon quit his job and prepared to go back to school.

The question then became why did I have these spinal problems? What happened? That is the subject of my next blog.



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