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Helping Babies and Infants Thrive Through Chiropractic

newborn babyLife is simple for babies: all they need is to eat, sleep, poop, and grow. If they’re struggling with any of these basic functions, an issue with the upper cervical spine could be limiting your child’s health and happiness.

Has Your Baby Healed From Birth Yet?

No matter how your baby was born, it’s likely that the birth process puts trauma on your child’s spine. A study by medical doctors in the 1940s found that during a natural delivery process with no complications, there’s up to 90 pounds of pull on an infant’s upper neck. That’s a lot of force, especially when you remember that newborns’ necks aren’t even strong enough to hold their heads up yet!

If you had a C-section or additional interventions, like forceps, that adds the potential for even more complications and pressures on your baby’s body.

Upper neck misalignments interfere with the nervous system, affecting your baby’s automatic bodily functions. Early checkups help prevent development problems and give your child a clean option instead of medication.

Nearly 40 Years of Educating Parents

We equip moms with lifestyle tips, like ideal positioning for sleep. Dr. Cutsinger will coach you on healthy habits, like letting your baby crawl for six months to enhance hand-eye coordination and brain development.

Babies respond quickly to care, since their symptoms aren’t chronic. After just a few adjustments, we’ve seen babies finally nurse well or turn their head correctly if it was stuck in one direction. Our care is extremely safe, as we use the Activator Method® to regulate the pressure and force of adjustments.

During your child’s consultation, we do a thorough history and examination. If we see any findings that require medical care, we’ll refer you to a pediatrician or specialist.

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